Jul 07 2008

Welcome to Tennessee Williams in Provincetown!

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Welcome to the Tennessee Williams in Provincetown Blog! The site is devoted to David Kaplan’s book, Tennessee Williams in Provincetown. The purpose of this blog and David Kaplan’s book is to foster a better understanding of Tennessee Williams and the influence of Provincetown and it’s culture on Williams’ work.

Of course, there are many regional claims made on Williams. The south can claim him for growing up in Mississippi and his later love for New Orleans and Key West. Broadway can most certainly lay a claim as well as Hollywood and now Provincetown. However, Williams’ life and work transcends regionalism for he is America’s playwright and arguably its greatest. Please watch our video of David Kaplan which deals with this very argument.

David Kaplan is a Tennessee Williams scholar whose research, knowledge and perspective has made Tennessee Williams scholars and theater audiences alike to sit up and reconsider Williams in a different light. With the recent interest in Williams’ later work and the kind of scholarship that Mr. Kaplan has given us, one can only hope that it will inspire others and dispel some of the preconceived notions of the past about Williams and his work.

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